About me

Hello! My name is Nataša.  I am a humanitarian worker, a traveler, an explorer, a cosmopolitan.I have been working in an international non-governmental organisation for over 25 years, of which I have travelled, worked and lived throughout Africa, Asia, America and Europe for over 15 years.

I’ve walked paths that most travellers don’t walk, if they don’t have to. However, all the small, hidden, and beautiful places of the world can be visited only by walking the dusty roads that seem to lead nowhere. A sigh and a big smile once you arrive would replace the tiredness of the whole journey, both by air and earth. Enough to take the shoes off and feel the dust.

My book “Across the naked and barefooted world” published in 2018 is not available in the bookstores yet. I’m giving it to you here, story by story, photo by photo. If you want a print edition, let me know and we can arrange it. In addition to the stories from my book, you can also have fun reading my stories about my “grounding”, or just enjoy the photos from my travels that sometimes speak louder than words.

Thank you!

Across the naked and barefooted world Grounding