Across the naked and barefooted world

The letters were written to you, dear readers. They are my perception of the world and the turbulent times we live in. It is understandable that you might disagree with me and that you might have a different opinion, because every experience is personal, and as such makes it precious.  Before I could have looked back, thousands and thousands of travel miles by air, dusty roads, and even rivers and oceans remained behind me. I stopped counting the countries I visited because the numbers became irrelevant to me. The people, counting here the small people as well (children), animals and plants, I have met became the most important. And they are not numbers to count. I have visited some countries several times and each time I learned something new. I did not try to change the world, but I allowed the world to change me. Some harsh words came as a result of that change, so if you hear a swear word here and there, or I’m being biased, forgive me. There are many more light, cheerful words, those written, unwritten and photographed. I think that life, as I heard in one song, is a handful of tears and a bag of laughter, so I hope that these letters will be read and seen as such.

These are not letters of tourist content

The words and the photos were collected across our planet where you don’t travel if you don’t have to. As such, they bring you a different picture of the world. These letters do not describe the lives of famous celebrities, but the lives of those ordinary people with whom we share similar existential and earthly problems, and the same life aspirations . Here, all latitudes and longitudes, all languages, all skin colors and all religions merge into one life, the only one we have. I believe that some distant people and some distant places will seem close and familiar to you. It’s like we’re there now, or we’ve been there before. Some letters have not been written yet, and maybe the photos will say more than words, as I would sometimes be left without words. That’s where I leave it to you to write your letters.

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